Key bindings

Key Action
F1 Open a menu for most things in the server!
M Phone
TAB Inventory
L Lock and unlock Vehicles
HOME See players online - store robberys - bank robbery
R Punch/Reload
F Enter/Exit Vehicle
E Interact
C Look Behind
V Camera adjustment
Caps Lock Radio Default Push-to-talk
CTRL Crouch - laydown
Key Action
H Headlights/Highbeams
E Horn
SHIFT Emergency Lights
[ Sirens control
] Sirens control
G Speed Limiter
B Seat belt
Command Action
/occ Out of character in case your mic isn't working or anything similar to that.
/engine Toggle engine.
/mask Mask off and on.
/am Animations
/me Display an action you are doing, ie /me performs cpr.
/report Report a player or situation to staff [Include player ids if possible]